COME FIND ME (flash fiction; March 2024, Roi Fainéant Press)

IT'S A LONG WAY TO GO TO GET NOWHERE (short story; 2023, Owl Canyon Press, Co-Authored with Salena Casha)

ANTARCTIC SHORES (flash fiction; December 2023, Full Mood Mag)

SUNDAY NIGHT (flash fiction; November 2023, Major 7th Magazine) 

HELLO IT'S ANNA (epistolary short story; October 2023, Mister Magazine)

NOW YOU DON'T (flash fiction; Summer/Fall '23, Verdant Journal)

LEFT (short story; Summer/Fall '23, Verdant Journal)

THE REASONS WE HAD TO MEET (novelette; October 2023, ELJ Editions)

THE LONELINESS NOBODY NOTICES (short story; March 2023, Louisiana Literature)

THE ORACLE OF EVERYTHING & NOTHING (short story; January 2023, Cerasus Magazine)

THE NAME OF THE ALBUM (short story; December 2022, Maudlin House)

AND OTHER THINGS TO DO WHILE STUCK IN TRAFFIC (short story; December 2022, Roi Fainéant Press)

FRIDGE MAGNETS (poem; September 2022, Full Mood Mag)

THE LOST MEMORIES OF OCEANS (61k-word novel; 2022, Fractured Mirror Publishing)

HOW TO INVITE STRANGERS (short story; 2021, Cardigan Press)

THE BUGBEAR (short story; 2021, Sans. Press)

LACUNA MISPLACED (short story; 2020, Empire Stamp)

MORE TIME: an anthology of indie author short fiction (anthology, editor; 2020, Empire Stamp)

TO BE HONEST (80k-word novel; 2019 Empire Stamp)

THE GREAT RISE (short story; 2019, Owl Canyon Press)

THIS NEVER HAPPENED (95k-word novel; 2019 Empire Stamp, completed in 2016)

THE INEVITABLE FALL OF TOMMY MUELLER (93k-word novel; 2019 Empire Stamp, completed in 2012)

MOLT (93k-word novel; 2019 Empire Stamp, completed in 2009)