The Inevitable Fall of Tommy Mueller

“Breathe in.” 

The four of them walked slowly towards the Canal Street Station. Tommy in his bulky Empire State Building costume; Kate in mint green hospital scrubs; Jesse disguised as a superhero; and Patrick dressed as a frog. It was Halloween night, and Tommy made note of all the other ghosts, spirits and specters drifting around them. He didn’t feel all that different from any of them at that moment, haunting a world they were only temporarily part of. But what brought the four together in this place at this moment?

THE INEVITABLE FALL OF TOMMY MUELLER tells the story of four friends – Tommy, Kate, Jesse and Patrick – and how New York City has watched closely as each of them hit their lowest points. KATE PRINCE had dreams of being a writer and living a life free of regrets. But she’s been stuck for years in a dead-end editing job and married to a man she’s never loved. JESSE CLASSEN aspired to be an artist with the hopes of one day meeting the girl of his dreams. Instead, he found himself lost, falling into an affair with a married woman and floating directionless through the miserable world of comic book retail. PATRICK KOHN thought he was making the right decision when he left New York to marry an old girlfriend. But now his wife has died, and Patrick must raise a son he’s never been comfortable around while facing the reality of returning to the city and the friends he once left behind.

And yet, whether by fate or simply good fortune, TOMMY MUELLER has managed to build the perfect life for himself. Since he was a child he had always dreamed of living in New York City and he did so upon graduating from high school. He became a published author and stumbled upon the perfect apartment in Morningside Heights. He met Rachel, his long-time girlfriend, during the catastrophe of September 11th. Tommy Mueller’s life is exactly as he planned it. But the great city awaits the falling of all its inhabitants, because the falling is inevitable.

Literary Fiction, 340 pages

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