The Reasons We Had to Meet

Leaving friends and family behind, CHRIS moves from Colorado to NEW YORK CITY, wary of new beginnings but cognizant of his spinning wheels back home. He shares an apartment in the vibrant neighbourhood of FOREST HILLS with MATT, a young man grappling with tinnitus and finding his own path.

When Chris tags along to a house party in Woodhaven, he meets JANE—an enigmatic young woman with a fondness for nature, neighbourhood book exchanges, and combat boots—who is in search of a missing cat.

Chris and Jane begin seeing one another. But when Jane’s sick father passes away, a ripple effect of unexpected challenges—and unforseen healing—descends upon them all.

A poignant tale of transitions, resilience, and cracks waiting to be healed.

Published September 2023 by ELJ Editions.

Novelette / Literary Fiction, 44 pages